Village Ice Cream

Last week, I headed to Village Ice Cream. It is my favourite place to go for a little treat. My favourite flavor is Everything Mark Loves, but it is only seasonal. I like Everything Mark Loves because there is caramel, chunks of nutella ganache, and pralines.

If they don’t have Everything Mark Loves, then I would have Guides Mint or Toasted Coconut. All the flavors are good as long as they are from Village. Go check it out.



OMO Teppan & Kitchen

The other day, me and my family went to OMO Teppan and Kitchen.


It is the best place for teppanyaki ever.  My favorite dish was the lobster. They cook right in front of you, it is awesome!


They have lobster, shrimp and the best meat you will ever have including wagyu. They also serve Kobe beef direct from Japan –  only 4 restaurants in Canada serve it!



They do tricks right in front of you, providing entertainment during dinner.  I think it is one of my new favorite restaurants.  You should go there some time, I know you will like the food .



Pampa Brazilian Steakhouse

The other day,  I went to Pampa. My favourite meat was Picanha.


There were many different kinds of meat. They bring the meat to your table. Green means go, meaning keep bringing some more, red means stop.

They have a long salad bar. My favourite food from the salad bar was smoked salmon.


This is a restaurant I would encourage you to try.


During the Christmas break, I went to the new Kinjo and I met the owner. His name was Peter Kinjo.  He became my friend. He even took me to the Pocky room.  The food is awesome. I love the food there.  My favorite dish was salmon sushi. So please visit Kinjo.

Beaver Tails

Today I am writing about beaver tails. My first beaver tail was in Ottawa . It was really good. I was happy to see them in Banff. The one I had had banana and chocolate. And it was really good. If you ever get a chance, you should try one.

qbeavertail beavertail